Cultur@Events aims to leave an impression on all generations that celebration and wonder of diverse cultures brings human kind closer. We bring awareness of cultures across nations for all to experience a better understanding of these diversities, culture by culture, event by event. 


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Katty Vocal


I've always had a dream to bring communities closer together in order to enrich our experiences with our families, friends and communities. To create a space, as we did throughout our human history, for sharing our stories and culture legacies with each other. As the Philosopher Sophocles said over 2000 years ago, "We gather around the fire at night to tell our stories and learn what it is to be Human." 

As a Bolivian, I have tremendous pride for my country's strength in accepting and celebrating the multiple cultural states that make Bolivia a strong nation of communities. Throughout my worldly travels, I have participated in the celebration of other wonderful cultures and communities. My belief is that through celebration of our diverse cultures we can become a strong world of nations.

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