Photo Credit: AtlasObscura

A Film Project: The Story of the Oruro Carnival

The Oruro Carnival is one of the most sought after events in South America attracting participants from around the world to Bolivia. The history of the carnival is a journey of stories interweaving the traditions of the past with the culture changes of today.  As it was in the beginning, the carnival continues to honor the celebration of different ideologies demonstrating an understanding and respect for many ways of life.

Cultura Events is on its next journey to start a film project that captures the stories of those that travel far and near to experience the diverse and accepting multiculturalism of Bolivia.

We will begin to kick off a series of events to fundraise for this film project. These events, in themselves, share in the storytelling of the folklore and traditions in many cultures, including seen throughout the Oruro Carnival. 

Join us in bringing to life the journey of sharing the richness of the people, the fashion, the music, the art, the dance, and the unity of multiculturalism of the Oruro Carnival to the world.

Cultura Events frequently explores to find unique cultural experiences to share with our audience, but when the culture comes to us, we take full advantage of it. We had the honor of Massiel Dorado PeƱaranda coming to D.C. to showcase her artwork, her passion for Bolivian dancing, and why the world needs to learn the secrets of multiculturalism...