Day of the Dead


The Tantawawa event celebrates Todos Santos or el día de los muertos, showcasing Bolivian traditions meant to help remember those loved ones that have passed. A tradition in some South American countries, including Bolivia, Tantawawas are breads baked in the form of people with special faces to resemble the loved ones. Join the living and the dead in a wonderful outdoor garden setting to experience the richness of Bolivian traditions para alegrar la tarde

Featured Sponsors

Cultur@Events happens due to the contribution of our featured sponsors that bring these experiences to life.  Be sure to connect with them at the event and gain the most from the Cultur@ Experts!


Website: Pablo's Garden
11941 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

Pablo's Garden Center is the "Secret Garden" of Rockville. In addition to beautiful flowers, Pablos is an experience of living art. Pottery, sculpture and beautiful world music. All are threads of Pablo's beautiful garden tapestry.


website: Sarah Christie Designs

Sarah Christie is a confident contemporary fashion designer, with strong heritage. It is rare to meet a young designer who is both rooted and free to innovate. Her life story informs her work, just as fibers from alpaca are woven to create fine fabric, then shaped into something new by the vision and skill of the designer.

Sarah Christie's boundless imagination builds on tradition, and she works closely to create modern collections that are elegant and assertive, yet sensual and approachable, all impeccably-crafted, in playful, minimalist silhouettes. These garments are a manifestation of an engaged, evolving identity, deep connection to craft, and a life lived with vision.


Website: Camba café

It is a small restaurant of typical Bolivian food mainly from the East with the traditional authentic Cambas baked ! Come and enjoy our tradition! 


Website: vegandes.com

VEGANDES focuses on awareness of Bolivian culture and flavors through innovative plant-based food options. Each VEGANDES product is part of an extensive chain that involves a large number of actors (nationally and internationally) that has a direct impact on the livelihood of both small business owners in the US and Bolivia.


Nena's Artisan Pastries
(202) 360-3158

Carola Rivero Quiroga was born in Bolivia, Cochabamba, She learned how to make her delicious desserts working alongside her family making a variety of pastry breads. and cakes of many flavors, the same ones that were distributed to shops and restaurants. The family invested in a Churrasqueria and worked as a team. The bakery was named, "La Tranquera" and the beautiful lessons learned over time made me dedicate myself to doing a variety of courses in cooking and pastry making. The baking chemistry inspired her because, everything depends on the subject premium, the exact weighing of the ingredients the organization before starting. The compliance to the letter will give the good successful results and we will be able to reproduce in time. When she arrived in this huge and unknown country, her experience and knowledge of how to bake combined with a new variety of products led to a continuation of a beautiful dream of making pastries, which fills me with great joy.


Website: Singani63.com

The legendary national spirit of Bolivia has a history dating back to the arrival of the Spanish over 500 years ago but has never made it stateside until now. Imported by devotee filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, Singani is made exclusively from Muscat of Alexandria grapes. Coming from vineyards that average 6,000 feet in elevation or higher, picked at optimal ripeness, the spirit is meticulously distilled to preserve the intense aromatic authenticity. Very floral with notes of vine flowers, jasmine, orange blossom, honeysuckle, and more. Beautiful texture, clean flavors, and a remarkably smooth finish with lingering acidity will leave you wanting more.

Here is the online petition we are trying to get as many signature before the end of the year to RecognizeSingani.com!


Website: gmansax

Name: Gabriel Lora

Gabriel is a veteran saxophonist that performs in the DC area. Participating in the local scene with music bands, playing different genres as a saxophonist and vocalist, Gabriel played at the Amor Music Academy in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

He is currently involved in art and activism projects for the community!


Website: VicoVibez

This DJ VicoVibez brings a unique vibe with the use of vinyl to set the mood for all kinds of events.  Catch him playing for the WBL Festival this month before he sets the vibe for el día de los muertos at this event

Bolivianos Unidos

We are a group of Bolivians who represent ourselves, without political parties. We have a common purpose, to be of direct, tangible and real help to our country. We seek the common good since 2018 as a result of the social conflicts that manifested in Bolivia, which is why we call ourselves Bolivianos Unidos. Our group has the support of Bolivian citizens who are professionals, entrepreneurs, social media influences, artist and non-Bolivian supporters.


Website: flowersinbloom.net

Flowers in Bloom is a Premier Florist on BloomNation.  Currently operating out of New Jersey with a Washington D.C. Metro area location coming soon!